The global demand for food is increasing. Yet, at the same time, the amount of available fertile land continues to decrease.

To come to terms with this balancing act, farmers will have to increase their resource efficiency and productivity even further in future.*

* Source: Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Germany

For perfect seed placement.
In both conventional and conservation tillage.

Our seed drills get the best out of your seed crop. Because only those seeds that are placed in an optimal position in the seedbed and have enough space around them are able to properly take root. Good root growth also promotes optimal nutrient intake and therefore a high yield.

Our driving force: your success.

LEMKEN seed drills can be used mounted, semi-mounted or trailed. Working widths of 2.5 to 12 metres create optimal conditions for cost-efficient operation on all types of farms. With hopper volumes of 650 to 5,800 litres, the machines offer high efficiency.

Discover the benefits of our mechanical and pneumatic seed drills and drill combinations for yourself: our machines meet the needs of farmers and contractors all over the world.

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