The digitalisation of agricultural production processes is a huge trend, which has great potential for soil cultivation methods that protect both our resources and the climate.*

Alongside the political demands, this also requires farmers to produce more documentation and to gather and process data.

* Source: Gandorfer, M. et al. – Landwirtschaft 4.0

iQblue gives you more time back for farming and the really important things in life.

Integrated processes, easy terminal operation and automatic data transfers make your work simple. For example with NEXT Machine Management: An intuitive tool for planning and documenting agricultural work processes.

Our driving force: your success.

iQblue - this is the digital world of LEMKEN. It also includes iQblue Clara.

The iQblue Clara weather station updates every 30 minutes temperature and relative humidity data of air, crop and soil. It continuously measures the precipitation and updates the wind speed hourly. In addition to the current solar radiation, there is also a disease pressure module for more than 40 cultures and 100 diseases.

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