Calls to reduce the number of chemical pesticides are getting louder and louder.*

Farmers will have to make great strides to come to a compromise on this over the coming years.

* Source: Brochures (and others) on chemical pesticide reduction programmes; source: Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Germany

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Our cultivators and harrows will help you.

With the right stubble cultivation technology, volunteer cereals and weeds are kept at bay from the start through intensive incorporation.

Stubble cultivation also prevents the soil from losing moisture by disrupting capillary action.

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In the past, stubble cultivation was mainly employed to control weeds and loosen the soil. Most fields are nowadays largely free from weeds, with very few weeds still producing seeds in crops.

LEMKEN offers a wide range of compact disc harrows and cultivators that allows forward-thinking farmers and contract farmers to adapt their approach to stubble and primary soil cultivation ideally to their individual locations, soils and given crop rotations:

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Stubble cultivation